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Turkey is the unique country that bridges two continents which are southwestern extremity of Asia and the southeastern extremity of Europe and its land hosts different cultures, religions and historical heritage for thousands of years.



Republic of Turkey is the country with the Ankara Capital City and possessing land both on Asia and Europe Continents. A great portion of the terrain of the country is located in Anatolian Peninsula and another portion is the Thrace which is the extremity of Balkan Peninsula.

Three sides of the country are surrounded by Mediterranean, Black Sea and by the Marmara and Egean Seas that connect these two seas. The neighbors are Greece and Bulgaria  in the west, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan (Nakhcevan Autonomous republic) and Iran in the East; Iraq and Syria in the south. Turkey, having ancient cultural heritage is a democratic, secular, centrist and constitutional republic; the official religion of the country  is determined as Islam with the constitution accepted in 1924 and in 1928 this expression is removed upon an amendment in the constitution. The official language of the country is Turkish and the most common religion is Islam.

In 11th century The Oghuzs started to immigrate  to the location known as Turkey today ( The name of the People was derived from the Turchia word that is known as the “Habitation of Turks” in Latin). The immigration accelerated upon the Malazgirt Victory of the Seljuk against Byzantine.  Many small feudal castles  and Anatolian Seljuk State administered Anatolia until the invasions of Mongolians  and in 13th century Ottoman seigniory merged the Anatolia and    became an Empire ruling over East Euuroope, Near east and North Africa.  Many regions of the Ottoman Empire following the collapse of upon defeat during the I. World War were occupied by the entente states. After the successful resistance led by a young officer Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , Republic of

Turkey was founded of which the 1st President has been Mustafa Kemal in 1923. Turkey is one of the seven independent Turkish States.  Becoming a member of European Council, NATO, OECD and AGIT and G-20 integrated our country with the west world. Since 1963, Turkey is a partner of European Economic Union and a member of the Customs Union since 1995, in 2005 started the negotiations on full membership to European Union. Turkey  in addition to being a member of Turkish Council, Black Sea Economical Cooperation, Islam Cooperation Establishment and Economical Cooperation, and in addition to USA and Europe, has also developed close political, economical and cultural relations with Balkans, Caucasus, Middle and South Asia, Middle East and African countries.  

The location of Turkey on the passageway between Europe and Asia Continents renders a meaningful power and significance to Turkey.  Turkey is a regional force according to political scientists and economists regarding its strategic location, big economy and military capabilities. 

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