Amasra Castle

Amasra Castle


Amasra Castle

Dating back to Byzantine period, the Amasra Castle was modified particularly during the era of Genoese and was subject to serious repair work in the 14-15th centuries during the period of Ottomans and Genoese. The castle is composed of two main bodies.  One of them is the Sormagir Castle in Boztepe which was used to be an island and linked to Amasra with a bridge called “Kemere”, and the other is the Dungeon Castle in Amasra. The northern end is the Büyükliman Gate, the west is Küçükliman (Ancient) Gate and the south is the Dungeon Gate.  The entrance to Sormagir Castle is from the vaulted main gate called the “Dark place” next to the Kemere Bridge, and the exit is from two side gates to directions of Antikliman and Hacıdenizi.  The walls surrounding the east, northern east and west are mostly destroyed with 50 meters of western walls standing still. The Amasra Castles revives today the middle ages with random gaps in the towers, interior divisions, Genoese armories placed at certain spots, and stones engraved with figures of Eros, medusa, Eagle, and Ox head.  

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