Cıngırt Rock

Cıngırt Rock


Cıngırt Rock

Cıngırt Rock is located on a two-part hill near Kavaklar Creek overlooking to the sea and valley at 200m above sea level within the borders of Yapraklı Village 5 km from Fatsa town center.  It was registered as a 1st degree archeological site by Trabzon Board of Cultural and Natural Asset Preservation in 1995.  The stone tools collected from the shelters under the rock in the settlement show that it was a living space during the Paleolithic Period.  The architectural ruins, coins, ostracons as well as metal artifacts made of bronze, iron and lead earthed during the excavations ongoing since 2012 at the summit of the settlement area suggest that the settlement are witnessed Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantium periods (1st c. BC - 8th c. AD) The arrow heads, spearheads and cannonballs collected indicate to the military character of the settlement, highlighting that it served as a military station or outpost during the reign of  Mithradates Eupator VI, the last emperor of Pontus Kingdom, one of the Hellenistic kingdoms founded in Anatolia after Great Alexander.   At the summit of the settlement area there is a gallery with carved rock steps characterized with ancient age castle settlements in the Black Sea (Pontus) geography.  The terra-cotta spindle whorl (weight used in spinning) and loom weights collected suggest textile activities and lead lines and web weights shows that fishing activities were being conducted.

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