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  • Eski Pazar (Bayrambey) Mosque and Hamams

Eski Pazar (Bayrambey) Mosque and Hamams

Eski Pazar (Bayrambey) Mosque and Hamams


Eski Pazar (Bayrambey) Mosque and Hamams

Eski Pazar is the second settlement area in Ordu.  Eskipazar Mosque has a rectangular plan.  It was founded by Hacıemiroğulları around 1380.  The mosque was repaired by Şebinkarahisar Governor Hüseyin Battal Pasha in 1197 (Julian Calendar) (1781 AD). Only the entrance door and its portal survived until today.  Its current minaret was built on the base of old minaret in 1877 and repaired by the General Directorate of Foundations in 1994. The window lids and its minber are good examples of wood carving and they are showcased in Ankara ethnography Museum.  It has two hamams. The Great Hamam: It is located on the south of the mosque.  It has three sections; cold, lukewarm and hot.  The exterior is made of rubble stones and the interior is made of cut stone.  A dome and vault is used for the revetment.  Dates back to 16th century. It has been recently restored. The Small Hamam: Located on the northeast of the mosque.  Consists of a single-square space and water reservoir.  Estimated to date back to the 18th century.


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