Giresun Castle

Giresun Castle


Giresun Castle

Giresun castle is located on top of hill overlooking the city on the northern peninsula in the city.  It is presumed to be build upon the order of the Pontus King of Pharnakes I (2nd century B.C.). It is composed of two sections: inner and outer castle. The part made of large rectangular stones on the base of the walls survived until today in the castle bear the traces of Hellenistic and Roman period.  Giresun Castle is located on top of hill overlooking the city on the northern peninsula in the city.  The ruins survived until today are the central tower and the connected southern walls.  The part on the base of the walls made of large, rectangular block stones give the impression that the walls and castle date back to the Hellenistic and Roman Period.  Referred to as the “Bronze Walled Castle” in the ancient resources, the Giresun castle was built during the era of Pontus King of Pharnakes I.  It was one of the last border castles of the Trabzon Pontus Empire against Turks in 1300s.  Therefore, it was repaired upon the order of the Trabzon Pontus Emperor Alexius II around 1301.  Overlooking the sea and located on the intersection of trade roads, the castle was used for shore control purposes as a military building.  The highest point of the castle features the tomb of Ataturk’s personal guard, Topal Osmanağa, and on the northern side, there is the Martyr’s Cemetery and tomb of Kurbande, follower of Hacı Bektaşi Veli.

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