Kurul Rock Archeological Site

Kurul Rock Archeological Site


Kurul Rock Archeological Site

Kurul Castle & Archeological Site is located at 571,00m above sea level within the borders of Bayadı Village 13 km from the city center.  The site partly serves as a forest with its majority is privately owned and used as hazelnut gardens.  It is an ancient settlement area established on precipices.  The ancient settlement area and its surroundings were registered as 1st and 3rd Degree Natural Archeological Site as per the decision no. 2525 dated 18.07.1996 of Trabzon Council For Cultural and Natural Asset Preservation. Inside the settlement area there is a gallery and water cistern with an inclination of 45 degrees, accessed after 420 steps.  As a result of the rescue excavation in 2010, it was identified that the highest point of the hill was an open air temple and the summit was arranged as an interior castle to include this castle.  With only two levels of walls identified currently, the entrance gate and four living spaces of the Kurul Castle were earthed. A number of ceramic pieces, small artifacts and coins collected show that the settlement dates back to 1st c. BC. Data from excavations discovered that Kurul Castle is a castle founded by Mitridates Eupator Dionysos VI, the great king of Pontus Kingdom which was one of the key political powers in Anatolia during the late Hellenistic period. 

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