Sinop Akliman

Sinop Akliman


Sınop Aklıman

Akliman coastal line joins the sea and forest together. The coastal line has a length of 4 meters with a sand layer width reaching 100 meters.  This makes Akliman one of the most special natural beaches in the Black Sea.   It is located on the Sinop-Akliman-Hamsilos road. There are two islands next to the bay.  These islands seems to join the south and north ends of the island.  There is a bridge connecting the island on the northern side of the bay with the coast.  This bridge also prevents the waves from the sea.  Akliman lighthouse is also located on this island.  There is a small bay in the south west end of this bay. In addition, two small coves right on the southern shores of the main bay.  The village is divided into two settlements:  North and south sides. Karasu creek, featuring the Tatlıca group fountains, flows into the sea from the southern side of the village.  İnceburun road also passes from here.  You can take the Hamsilos road to the northern side. 

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